Vretallin (vretallin) wrote in crgjournals,

Darana Cairnfell

It is done. Rory Ultan is now fully inducted into my circle. He is now completely dedicated to his task and life here. Though he had little to go back to before he underwent the initiation. He refused a direct order to return to the Jedi and is thereby considered a fallen Jedi.

What disturbs me is how easily he now accepts that he could die and does not care if he lives or dies. While the doctor was impressed with his easy acceptance and has taken a liking to him for this, she has failed to understand the reason behind this. I do not believe this is merely a Jedi acceptance of life and death. It feels different to me than that. It concerns me that he may pass such a blithe attitude onto my son.

My challenge now is to find a reason for him to once more care about living.
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